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Joining MMC Ireland offers companies a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the MMC industry.

As a member, companies can benefit from the various knowledge-building initiatives such as sector networking, industry events, and sharing of case studies. MMC Ireland provides its members with the latest knowledge and understanding of MMC and helps them overcome the obstacles to adoption. The organisation also offers continuous professional development opportunities to its members.

By joining MMC Ireland, companies can be part of a shared voice that promotes a regulatory environment that addresses testing, certification, and quality. The organisation works actively with government bodies, work groups, and task forces to promote policy change and development, while also disseminating industry knowledge and experience.

MMC Ireland also provides its members with access to the MMC market through its engagement with Enterprise Ireland and other funding bodies. The organisation works to develop greater efficiencies in procurement policies by engaging with public and private procurement bodies. MMC Ireland is dedicated to strengthening the supply chain capacity and promoting a DfMA philosophy at the design stage of projects.

Finally, MMC Ireland serves as a strong advocate for its members by lobbying policymakers, offering professional advice, and providing a public voice for members. The organisation promotes its members’ sectors at industry events, giving them the visibility and recognition they deserve. By joining MMC Ireland, companies can take advantage of these opportunities and be at the forefront of the MMC industry, driving construction forward.

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