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Ecopipe Ireland

Ecopipe Ireland was established in 2009 by Macartan McCague with over 40 years’ experience in the Heating Sector.

We are Sole Distributors in Ireland for:

: Irelands No 1 in Multilayer Piping & Pressfit System. 

Chemical Free Water Treatment for Closed Loop Heating & Cooling Systems.

We have two Trade Counter Stores, Stillorgan & Ballyboughal. Renewable Energy Designs and Sales Including Samsung, Mitsubishi and Atlantic Ideal.

Technical & Design Services: 

BIM Training and Design Office Supporting TU Dublin & Consulting Engineers. 
Heating Design, SR50 Calculations, Heat Pump Sizing & Project Sign Off’

Case Studies

BIM at Ecopipe Ireland

We are excited to share an incredible project we recently completed using the BIM methodology. We transformed a conventional architectural model into a complete BIM model, especially for MEP systems (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing).

Starting from a non-BIM architectural model, we created a precise digital representation that allowed for effective coordination among all project stakeholders. This resulted in greater efficiency, reduced errors, and savings in time and costs.

A highlight of the project was the detailed modeling of the bathrooms, which can now be seen in their finalized form in the photos below. The precision of the BIM model ensured that each component was installed correctly, providing a high-quality and functional final result.

Utilizing BIM not only facilitates visualization and planning but also allows for seamless integration between heating, ventilation, and plumbing disciplines.
Check out the images of the virtual model and the finished bathrooms to see how BIM technology can transform architectural projects into reality with precision and efficiency!

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