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Errigal Contracts

Errigal Contracts

We care deeply about our people and our industry. Our success is founded on years of experience and on the strength of our dedicated people and communities in Ireland, the UK and Eastern Europe. A founding principle of Errigal is the recognition that by continuing to invest in ambitious young people pursuing a trade in the industry and allowing them to grow and develop, we will grow and become strong and our industry as a result will be better and stronger.

We do things the Errigal way. We are focused on the experience we give our clients, our suppliers and our people. Delivering quality and completing projects within timelines is a given. The Errigal way is about making the experience of working with Errigal enjoyable and rewarding for all involved. We are committed to our people, our clients and our industry and will continue to invest into the future to ensure that we all grow and prosper through a culture of care, support and encouragement.

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