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RothoBlaas Srl

Rothoblaas Srl

Rothoblaas is an Italian multinational with its roots in the Alpine region; a leading developer and provider of high technology solutions for all those involved in the construction with wood sector.

Always engaged in finding solutions for the improvement of the sector, today Rothoblaas is one of the leading companies worldwide in the development of products and services dedicated to the wood carpentry industry, and continues to export know-how from the heart of the Italian Alps to the world.

Rothoblaas is continually developing products and services for timber building professionals: carpenters, engineers, architects, and installers of fall arrest systems. Additionally, the product brand HOLZ TECHNIC caters to all the needs of building material retailers.

Rothoblaas is currently operative in more than 70 countries with its own, skilled sales force. The power of this commercial structure is based on these selected resources, chosen directly on field, fact that allows a deep knowledge of local market dynamics and shares the culture and customs of the area of service.

RothoBlaas Srl
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