Offsite Expo 2023: Enhancing Export Opportunities for MMC Ireland Members

MMC Ireland Announces Partnership with Offsite Expo 2023


Building upon the massive success of MMC Ireland’s Inaugural National Conference 2023 earlier this year in Croke Park, which was hailed as a “watershed moment” for offsite and other modern methods of construction in Ireland [read more about this here:], MMC Ireland is proud to announce our new partnership with Offsite Expo 2023.


Why is this Partnership Important for Ireland-based Companies?


As modern methods of construction continue to break down the geographic barriers associated with more traditional construction it is vital for Ireland-based companies to meet and collaborate with their UK counterparts. This collaboration goes beyond mere introductions; it’s about showcasing Ireland’s world-class expertise, innovative products, and revolutionary building systems.

The construction industry is undergoing rapid evolution. Offsite technology, as Offsite Expo will extensively showcase, is fast becoming a solution to many challenges that the industry faces. For Ireland’s construction industry to thrive in this changing landscape, we must engage actively in promoting and raising awareness of these transformative methodologies and technologies.


Here’s What You Can Look Forward To at Offsite Expo 2023:

  • EXPLORE: Dive deep into the potential of offsite technology, which is increasingly being seen as the future of construction. Engage with advanced offsite manufacturing approaches and smart digital construction technology.

  • EXPECT: Immerse yourself in the most advanced offsite methodologies and digital technologies. Learn from the leading experts in the offsite industry.

  • EXPOSURE: Boost your brand’s visibility in the industry by interacting with top architects, contractors, specifiers, and purchasing managers through the exclusive Offsite Connect Buyers and Specifiers Forum.


Getting Involved

Anticipated to draw in over 4,000 delegates, Offsite Expo promises to be a hub of innovation, learning, and networking. It presents a golden opportunity for businesses to display their groundbreaking offsite technologies and smart digital construction methodologies. Moreover, it’s a fantastic platform to engage with industry stalwarts, build valuable business connections, and stay ahead of the curve.

For MMC Ireland members, this is more than an event – it’s a gateway to future possibilities. The partnership between MMC Ireland and Offsite Expo 2023 is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries and driving the future of construction in Ireland, while helping our members to access wider markets.

Irish construction’s move from emigration of labour, to export of talent and expertise, over the past decade is reflective of the excellence the built environment demands – let’s show what we can do…

For more details on the Offsite Expo 2023, please visit We encourage all our members to engage, participate, and fly the flag for Ireland-based industry innovation and excellence – we look forward to seeing you there!

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