Report on ‘Housing for All’ Plan and Modern Methods of Construction

The Housing for All plan aims to provide everyone in the State with access to affordable, high-quality homes in the right location. One of the innovative developments included in the plan is the use of modern methods of construction (MMC) to support and accelerate the delivery of housing supply.

The Housing Agency

To support the strategy of the Housing for All plan, the Housing Agency Procurement and Delivery Unit has developed a guidance document for the provision of “design and build” housing projects using modern methods of construction. The unit will also provide technical services and supports in the area of MMC.

Modern Methods of Construction

MMC refers to a range of offsite manufacturing and innovative onsite techniques that provide alternatives to traditional construction techniques. Examples of MMC include panelised components made in a factory and assembled on the construction site, completed dwelling units or elements of dwellings manufactured in a factory and transported to site as completed modules.

Design and Build Form of Public Works Contract

The guidance document developed by the Housing Agency Procurement unit provides a contractual mechanism for encouraging the use of MMC through the use of the Design and Build form of Public Works Contracts for Building Works Designed by the Contractor. This form of contract transfers the design risk to the contractor for any specialist design aspects subject to copyright or patent for each specific form of MMC.

BIM Process

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process used to improve the efficiency of design, construction, and maintenance of buildings. BIM can add efficiencies to information sharing, approvals, and recording of information when used for the delivery of housing through the use of PW-CF2 form of contract utilising MMC.

Building Regulations and Agrément Certification

All proposed works must comply with the Building Regulations, and third-party certification demonstrating compliance with Irish Building Regulations and durability requirements must be provided where published national standards do not yet exist. Agrément certification applies to innovative products and processes or those that deviate from established norms.

User Guide

The guide is aimed at those working with or advising Local Authorities and AHB’s who have a working knowledge and experience of procurement of consultants and Design and Build Contractors using the Capital Works Management Framework. It enables accelerated delivery of housing by informing Local Authorities and AHB’s of all procurement options available within the CWMF for enabling Design and Build contractors.

PW-CF2 Form of Contract – Potential Benefits

The PW-CF2 form of contract has the potential to reduce the time for the delivery of housing units. However, this depends on the approach of the Sponsoring Agency. It is recommended that the Employer brings the project through to planning or ‘Part 8’ stage in consultation with their design professionals.

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